Master Planning for the Zuwara Abu Kamash Development Zone

Aurecon provides master plan for project

Aimed at unlocking Libya’s development potential, Aurecon was appointed by Emaar to carry out the Conceptual Transportation and Infrastructure Master Planning of the initial phases of the Zuwara Abu Kamash Development Zone located in the north western corner of Libya, near the Tunisian border. This appointment came shortly after Aurecon completed the master planning for a major development in Morocco for the same client.  The project includes a conceptual urban framework master plan for the overall development zone.  A more detailed conceptual master plan for the initial 3 000 ha (phase 1, 2 and 3) was also completed.

Aurecon carried out this work association with a number of sub-contractors, taking on full responsibility for all transportation and infrastructural concept master planning. Our integrated approach included utilising a range of multidisciplinary engineering resources so as to provide a sustainable, integrated development solution.

Aurecon’s master plan includes power generation and electrical distribution, water provision, sanitation, solid waste, district cooling, marine, traffic, and roads amongst others.  Aurecon was also responsible for the facilitation of a bathymetric, geotechnical and topographical surveys to be completed as input to the master plan.  This provided the opportunity to develop residential, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, sports, leisure and entertainment components. 

The conceptual master plan provides a sound foundation for further masterplanning and design phases to follow. The development is intended to attract foreign investment and to generate numerous employment opportunities for Libyans.

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