Kawempe-Luwero Road Upgrade and Rehabilitation, Uganda

Aurecon (then Africon) was appointed in January 2006 to provide design, tender assistance and construction supervision for the reseal and rehabilitation of 66 km of existing surfaced road between Kawempe and Luwero. The road is part of the corridor connecting Kampala to northern Uganda, north-western Uganda, southern Sudan and the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The heavy traffic in the area and the poor condition of the existing pavement required the reworking of the existing road base. Sections of new base and sub-base layer were imported, and a double seal was used as surface treatment.

Similar interventions were conducted on the section from Luwero to Kafu (a separate contract by the same contractor, but different consultant) with the application of a double seal on the trafficked lanes and a single seal on the surfaced shoulders.

Besides the rehabilitation of failed road sections, the project also consisted of periodic maintenance (resealing with single bituminous surface treatment or overlay with asphalt concrete), reinstatement and lining of side drains, restoration of road markings and furniture, and preparatory works for pothole and base repairs.

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