Feasibility Studies for the Transport of Coal from Moatize to Nacala, Mozambique

Aurecon conducts feasibility update and development study

The Moatize Nacala railway is part of the Nacala logistics corridor commissioned by global mining company, Vale. It will serve to open up the vast coal reserves of the Tete basin in a route traversing remote areas, crossing through southern Malawi and reaching the east coast of Mozambique.

Aurecon has been involved with the project since 2005 throughout the different stages of the client’s FEL process.

The key challenge of the detail design phase (FEL4) was to meet tight construction deadlines amidst meeting the needs of client, government and various authority stakeholders.

To meet the aggressive implementation timeframes of the project, the detail designs were done in a relative short time. These were done by actively involving the client in the design process.

Furthermore, innovative modular designs were introduced which not only shortened the turnaround time of the actual design, but also simplified and expedited the construction thereof.

Aurecon is proud of its ability to adapt to changing conditions throughout a project of this nature.

Various challenges were met during the detail design process, which enabled the client to mitigate various risks associated with the construction of such an ambitious project.

The result is a detail design of a 910 km long railway line, capable of handling coal export in excess of 20 Mtpa. The line includes 230 km of “greenfields” railway line, and 680 km of “brownfields” railway line to be reconstructed and upgraded. The design further includes 68 new bridges, and rehabilitation and strengthening of 33 existing bridges. Facilities were designed along the route for the maintenance and operation of the line. Some 150 km of road has been designed which includes access roads, maintenance roads and re-routing of roads crossing the rail alignment.

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