Bayhead Road Upgrade, South Africa

The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is responsible for the Bayhead Road link to the Port of Durban, a key transportation corridor serving the largest and busiest port in Africa and one of the largest container terminals in the Southern Hemisphere.

The need to upgrade Bayhead Road between Langerberg Road and Pier 1 from a two-lane, two-way road to a four lane, dual carriageway road was necessary to accommodate the predicted traffic volume increase and to relieve current congestion.

Aurecon project managed and supervised the construction of 2 100 m of dual carriageway road and associated infrastructure.

The significant obstacles to undertaking an upgrade included the safety challenges arising from the heavy traffic, close proximity of railway lines and overhead high voltage traction infrastructure and critical national gas and oil pipelines running through the project precinct.

With safety and risk mitigation as critical factors in the construction phase management, strong administrative skills were required to closely administer Transnet’s safety practices. Coupled to this, on-site experience was also very important given the high number of man hours in a high-risk environment.
Aurecon’s assistant project manager, a very seasoned safety practitioner, had very proactive, unique ways in which he reinforced safety on site throughout the construction phase, creating a pervasive safety culture amongst the up to 250 general workers on site.

Despite hazardous conditions with 30 significant risks having been identified, the project managed to achieve the best result possible by recording zero harm and more than 1 000 000 lost time-free man-hours.

It also met the expectation of good project management and construction under any circumstance by remaining free of labour, procurement and construction disruptions while maintaining the engagement and full satisfaction of all stakeholders. Access was also maintained to the port and for regular road users traffic was accommodated without increasing accident rates due to construction.

Transnet Capital Projects (TCP), as the client, lauded the execution of this project by awarding it the Safety Project of the Year and runner up to Project of the Year. Read our Q&A with TCP on “achieving safety against all odds”

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