World Tower, Australia

When completed in 2004, the 260-metre World Tower was a distinctive feature of Sydney’s skyline and was Australia’s tallest residential building.

Forming part of an extensive development over an entire city block at the southern end of the CBD, the 82-storey skyscraper comprises 701 apartments, 80 commercial spaces, and a six-level basement car park. With a width of 28 metres and height to base ratio of 9.5:1, the building’s very tall and slender shape is its most striking design feature.

Aurecon was engaged as the structural engineer on the project, and developed a vertical structure with reinforced concrete central core connected to architecturally designed perimeter columns by pairs of outriggers at the mid and three-quarter points of the tower.

Two-storey high spreader walls connected each outrigger to the columns and, with high strength concrete of up to 90 megapascals achieving maximum column stiffness, the building’s wind resistance is approximately 70 per cent of the lateral loads.

Generally laid without edge beams, the floors were post-tensioned flat plates. The columns were jump-formed ahead of the slabs, reducing cycle times and providing innovative support for the travelling safety screen systems.

The Sydney World Tower received a Bronze Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2004.

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