Southport Central Precinct, Australia

The Southport Central Precinct project represents an evolutionary leap forward for one of the Gold Coast's most established business precincts.

The project involved the construction of a major retail, commercial and residential hub in this iconic region south of Brisbane. Aurecon provided structural and civil engineering services for the landmark project, which features three 40-storey towers, a shopping complex, commercial offices and extensive recreational facilities.

All surface and ground water is permanently drained, collected in holding tanks and treated before being used to irrigate the 1.8 hectares of gardens and water features within the precinct. The recycled water is also made available to the local authority for parks irrigation and cleaning.

Precast concrete was primarily used in the towers to reduce construction time. A conventional, reinforced, flat-plate floor design was adopted to provide large, uninterrupted spaces, a higher degree of service flexibility and a reduction in overall construction costs.

Lateral wind loads on the towers have been restricted with outrigger shear wall systems, which were constructed using in situ and precast concrete walls.

The lift and stair cores were constructed using a "jump" system, advancing up to six floors above the floor being constructed.

Completed in March 2010, the development includes basement level car parking up to six levels underground and below the water table. Virgin rock in the lower two levels was excavated using mining equipment and explosives, which was closely monitored to ensure that adjacent structures and tenants were not adversely affected.

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