Pelangi Resort, Saint Felix, Mauritius

Aurecon recommends the implementation of forward-facing solutions

Pelangi Resorts has set out to develop one of the most attractive and significant resorts in the world, namely Pelangi Resort, Saint Felix. Aurecon was tasked with recommending and implementing forward-facing solutions relating to technology, unified communications, telecommunications, computer systems, audio visual (AV) systems and data storage facilities that enable people and devices at the resort and hotel to access, transmit and manipulate information.

The information and communication technology (ICT) service offering that was designed for the hotel and resort needed to be usable by end-users, improve the convenience and comfort of guests, enhance the hotel and resort’s overall competitiveness and utilise state-of-the-art technologies.

Aurecon has recommended ICT infrastructure and services that set out to meet the client’s essential requirements for a digital, interactive Smart Space Experience (SSE). The ICT infrastructure addresses structured cabling, network and broadcasting, security as well as the hotel’s facility management system.

Structured cabling system (SCS)
The set of cabling and connectivity products integrates voice, video and data, wireless, building automation, building security and the building environment controls of the hotel.

Network and broadcasting
The network system includes data network, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, private mobiles radio and a Wi-Fi network. The broadcasting system includes AV solutions that are used for broadcasting entertainment, marketing, promotions and announcements to audiences as well as live systems.

Smart, digital ICT services
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) smart card/wristbands enable fast payments for food and beverage or other purchases in the resort, data collection regarding consumer behaviour, personalised services for each individual based on the secure transmission of personal information and a lost child tracking function.

Smart application
A smart application that is cross-platform compatible and runs on platforms like Android, Windows and iOS was created so that visitors and guests can obtain various information and useful services.

Smart interactive kiosk
Smart interactive kiosks are placed around the resort. Visitors can access various information and useful services such as the smart application information as well as instant messaging and voice/video calling, the hotel’s loyalty program and the ability to check accompanying family and friend’s information.

Ticket kiosk 
A self-ticketing kiosk at the resort site’s entrance provides general information such as the history of the resort and floor directories as well as a directory guide map and route service to guide a guest from their current destination to their desired destination.

Smart interactive table
The food court will be equipped with smart interactive tables where guests can place their orders and pay directly from the table.

Building Automation System (BAS)
The BAS will automate activities such as Wi-Fi, video on demand, HVAC, lighting, audio-visual equipment, intercoms and appliances within the resort.

The Pelangi Resort, Saint Felix will have integrated communications and technology systems that represent the pinnacle of what smart technology has to offer to improve service quality, deliver exceptional guest satisfaction and increase revenues. Not only are all the applications and technologies easy to learn, efficient and effective, but they will offer a personalised, seamless customer experience that will set the resort apart from its competition. 

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