Muhimbili National Hospital Children's Oncology Ward, Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania

In 2009, Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam’s six Rotary Clubs envisaged organising a marathon to raise money for community causes and formed the Rotary Dar Marathon to realise this vision. In 2011 and 2012, the Rotary Dar Marathon, in partnership with Bank M, saw the club rise a combined TSH 1.3 Billion to build and equip an oncology ward for children at the Muhimbili National Hospital. Thereafter, the club formed a professional team who would undertake the task of building the ward.

Aurecon answered this call by assisting with the management of a team of Rotarians and professional consultants between August 2012 and August 2013. After a year of hard work, the brand new Rotary Pediatric Oncology Ward at Muhimbili National Hospital opened its doors.

In a reference letter to Aurecon, Sharmila H. Bhatt, chairperson of the Rotary Dar Marathon Board, said that Aurecon was able to tactfully deal with parties when slippages occurred in order to ensure a quality end product, delivered in the agreed time frame.

The Rotary Dar Marathon Board’s chairperson thanked Aurecon for their time, expertise, enthusiasm and attention to detail. The ward includes 23 beds, much needed isolation rooms, piped oxygen, and other essential medical equipment, all of which was previously unavailable to cancer-stricken children in the area.

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