MTN Innovation Centre – Phase 2, South Africa

Phase 2 of the MTN Innovation Centre in Fairland, Johannesburg, was designed to further enhance the high-technology development which will eventually consolidate MTN South Africa, a major telecommunications company, into a single site.

Aurecon provided structural, civil and geotechnical engineering for this project, as well as wet services and fire design.

The building comprised two blocks that were connected using a central core with lifts and a partly suspended link bridge connecting Phase 1 and 2. In order to meet MTN’s extensive electrical and data services needs, raised access flooring and suspended ceilings were provided.

Challenges faced throughout the project included tight timeframes, with completion of the concrete structure to be achieved within eight months. In addition, various areas of the building were required to be made available to the end-user in a phased process to allow prompt fit-out and occupation. Adding to the complexity of the project, the majority of the external work needed to be completed during the rainy season while extensions to the scope of work needed to be accommodated as the project progressed.

The end result was a multi-layered, high-tech service orientated building which could withstand the high volume customer base and client traffic catered for by MTN.

Finally, due to its robustness and flexible design intended to accommodate future changes and energy efficiency, the building also formed part of the green building challenge, a worldwide collaboration project by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

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