KBL Brewery, Kenya

State-of-the-art brewery designed and constructed in record time in Kenya

“Being open to quickly learn new skills and provide site management to achieve international best practices standards led this to be a once-in-a-lifetime project for our team,” ‒ Faan Calitz, Aurecon Technical Director.

Aurecon was employed by Diageo/Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) to develop the structural and civil engineering design for the new KBL Brewery in Kisumu, Kenya. In 2017, the site consisted of an old Bottling Hall and Brewery that had been redundant for approximately 20 years. The task involved upgrading the facility to a new state-of-the-art brewery including installation of new brewery equipment, as well as new office facilities to support the brewery, all within an eleven-month programme.

The brewery’s revamp included upgraded designs for the brew house, keg plant, boiler room and tank farm foundations as well as various other upgrades including roads, stormwater, and underground piped services. Aurecon was also responsible for the procurement of geotechnical, topographical and pipe condition surveys.

The timeframe for delivering the project and access to information proved to be two of the biggest challenges. The brewery’s infrastructure was originally constructed over 40 years ago, which contributed to a lack of viable information for the project. These, as well as tight deadlines, were overcome by means of a high level of site presence and close engagement with all project stakeholders. The project team also had to adapt designs to suit local building practice, available materials and local skill levels.

Initial surveys of the project site were conducted with 3D cameras. All new designs were completed in 3D modelling using Revit and other digital engineering tools. Tablets and software enabled the team to immediately generate site reports during an inspection.

Project stakeholders were dispersed around the globe, with the client team and MEP consultant based in Dublin, and site supervisors sourced locally. In spite of this, with good coordination, the outcome was a state-of-the-art brewery that was designed and constructed in a record timeframe, within client budget and with limited revisions.

“Aurecon is proud to have been involved in such a high-profile project. The skill sets we developed on this project will enable us to future-proof other clients’ projects in Africa,” says Faan Calitz.

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