Coca Cola Plant, Namibia

When Namibia Beverages urgently required additional production area, a new syrup room, crown store, HP compressor room and a transformer facility as well as an enlargement of their existing warehouse area to keep up with demand for their products, Aurecon was an obvious choice for the design of a 3350m2 steel structure.

Aurecon’s Namibian team prepared design and tender documents for three contracts, all of which assisted in shortening the design and construction phase as much as possible. The three tenders included an earthworks tender which was started within 3 weeks of project initiation; a separate building contract; and a steel structure supply and erection contract.

Most of the plant is constructed on approximately 2 meters of uncontrolled filling material, which forced the contractor  to excavate each column footing to about 2.5 meters deep. In-situ material was then compacted and the excavation backfilled with soilcrete up to approximately 1.2 meters from final floor level. This was time consuming, but the only manner in which we could satisfy the design forces on the column bases.

Another challenge during construction was that all these extensions were done while the existing plant was kept in full production, which meant that we had to provide protection against dust intrusion at all times.

To address the structure’s longevity, the types of materials used during construction were carefully specified. The structure consists of steel columns with steel frames, secondary trusses, Chromadec roof covering and side cladding. In addition, the steel structure’s design made it possible for the client to dismantle and re-erect it as required, thereby fulfilling a key design output in terms of their long term planning.

The enhanced production areas for new bottled water-lines as well as additional store area solved the client’s space problem and helped the client to keep up with growing product demand in Namibia.

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