Adelaide BMW Showroom, Australia

The new BMW showroom incorporates this luxury brand’s philosophy and is an extension of its world class automobiles in terms of engineering and design quality. The showroom consists of a two storey building at the street facing frontage, while the rear extension of the existing facility converts it into a 3 storey building.
Aurecon developed the design concept for the project in the role of lead designer and provider of all engineering services. In addition, we worked very closely with BMW to provide a design solution which was both functional and complementary to BMW’s corporate vision.

The building achieves a striking yet elegant aesthetic, creating the feeling of a ‘floating’ structure. The showroom has the following key features:

  • A 9 m high, completely free standing glass façade on the northern and westernside of the building, This facade utilises only 25 mm diameter rods to support its 11.1 tonnes worth of glass designed specifically to showcase the latest in BMW technologies
  • A 6 m wide by 4.5 m tall vertically sliding glass door to the northern façade allows customers to drive their latest and greatest  BMW out ofthe delivery bay
  • A 3 storey high, custom designed car hoist that is fully encapsulated in completely frameless glass, with 4.0 m tall x 1.5 m wide frameless glass doors ( the largest in Australia) allow the cars to exit the hoist at both ground and mezzanine level
  • A 7m bi-directional cantilevered roof structure that is only 500 mm thick and  adds to the floating effect of the building, but also minimises columns internally to allow for maximum vision of the automobiles.

Kym McInerney dealer principal, expresses his satisfaction: “We are extremely pleased and excited to have a completed structure of significant architectural merit both for its design and technology which reflects and encapsulates BMW’s core brand values.”

He goes on to say that “The extended showroom enhances our ability to provide our customers a true taste of what BMW represents, and to see and experience BMW vehicles in an environment which reflects BMW’s leading edge philosophy.”

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