ABSA Towers North, South Africa

Located in Johannesburg’s CBD, ABSA’s head office consists of four office towers which, collectively, form the ABSA Inner City Campus.

Aurecon was closely involved in the structural design and construction supervision of the ABSA Towers North building.
The building includes the following environmentally friendly features:

  • Rainwater is harvested from the roof to be used as boosters for the air conditioning system
  • A ‘Waste Recovery Centre’ for the sorting and recycling of waste that generates more income than letting the same area as retail space would
  • Forty-five-thousand square meters of flexible open plan spaces with access flooring, allowing for a large degree of adaptability over time
  • The internal atrium means all offices have direct natural lighting
  • The sizing of the spaces was designed to be modular, thereby allowing for the use of materials in standard dimensions, ultimately reducing wastage
  • The structure is founded on 281 foundation piles and utilises a 10,8 m x 10,8 m column grid with 88 000 m2 of floor slabs constructed in highly economical coffer and trough systems
  • The column grid provides increased flexibility on a floor plate between the combination of open plan and cellular office arrangements
  • The column grid is easily adaptable to produce both an office and parking configuration
  • Fire, domestic water and electrical reticulation are integrated within the floor voids.

Although the CBD isn’t a conventional location for environmentally friendly design, the towers demonstrate an exemplary commitment to sustainability through the resources which were conserved during the design, construction and operation phases.

The ABSA North Tower Building is an urban building that contributes both to a viable urban landscape, and demonstrates commitment to sustainability on a citywide scale.

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