235 St Georges Terrace, Australia

235 St Georges Terrace, Perth (formerly known as Bishop’s See – South Tower) has recently achieved a 5 Star NABERS base building energy rating, ensuring it is one of the most energy efficient contemporary office developments within Australia.

Brookfield Multiplex required the office building to obtain a base building NABERS Energy rating of 4.5. Aurecon undertook extensive predicted energy modelling analysis to ensure that this energy rating would be met during the design process. Later, the team assisted in reducing base building energy consumption further to achieve the 5 Star rating by a substantial margin.

Energy reduction design initiatives included:

  • Low temperature variable air volume air-conditioning system, significantly reducing fan energy
  • Efficient thermal plant design
  • High efficiency T5 lighting throughout the building
  • Variable volume, car park ventilation
  • High performance, low "e" full height glazing to reduce solar gain into the office space
  • Orientation of the building so the main axis runs east-west with external shading to the west, east and south
  • A grey water system utilising sink and shower water discharge for toilet flushing

In 2008, Aurecon also played a crucial role in the tower achieving the first 5 Star Green Star office design rating for a commercial development in Perth after having undertaken the building services, structural and environmental sustainable design work during construction.

Today, the resulting building is an extremely energy efficient and sustainable office development, designed, constructed and operated through good engineering, rather than bolt-on ‘green’ gimmicks.

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