175 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Australia

Aurecon was appointed for the refurbishment and upgrading of 175 Eagle Street, a 21 000 m² riverfront high-rise office building comprising 19 storeys

The project entailed significant upgrades to all building services, including the upgrading of office floors and the complete refurbishment of the ground floor lobby.

The complexity of working within an existing building with multiple construction stages meant it was essential to clearly understand the client’s requirements, and consistently communicate clearly with all stakeholders so that issues were promptly identified and resolved.

The upgrading of the office floors involved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, including changing the existing air handling systems to an energy-efficient, low-temperature variable air volume (VAV) system, separate interior/exterior air handling units (AHUs) to eliminate reheat and the provision of thermal zoning to comply with the Principal Certifying Authority’s (PCA’s) A Grade building classification. All lighting was replaced with modern T5 lights and lighting control systems.

The refurbishment of the ground floor lobby included the construction of a new river deck, new bar and a new café with associated kitchen ventilation systems as well as new end-of-trip cyclist facilities. The interfacing of the river deck to the existing building and the installation of the deck over the existing river walkway posed significant structural design challenges. Fire engineered solutions were used to achieve the required structural fire integrity.

Aurecon provided a detailed building improvement opportunities report (BIOR) to enable the client, Perpetual Trustee Company Limited, to agree to key initiatives for detailed design and implementation.

This office refurbishment has improved tenant amenity and the building’s energy consumption as well as the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) rating.

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