Kurasini LPG Plant, Tanzania

Oryx Gas Tanzania saw the need to expand its operations in Dar es Salaam by creating more storage capacity for LPG gas at its Kurasini filling plant.

The expansion of the filling plant was to allow Oryx Gas to be less dependent on tank ship delivery schedules and to ensure that supply of gas without interruptions to its clients in the country could be achieved whilst other critical storage vessels were taken out of service for inspection.

Aurecon conducted a feasibility study in which drawings and structural calculations were completed to allow Oryx Gas to apply for a building permit to expand the LPG gas storage capacity.

A full design of the expansion was undertaken, consisting of 3 x 315 cubic metre mounded bullets, and specifications were provided for the construction of the plant. This design consisted of the civil and structural, mechanical, process and electrical control. Mounded vessels were selected because of the reduced separation distances associated with this type of vessel compared to traditional above ground vessels, thereby maximising the additional storage volume for the site.

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