Dulux Gracefield Site Redevelopment, New Zealand

Dulux Group New Zealand is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium branded decorative paints, texture coatings and woodcare products. Paint produced at the manufacturing and warehousing facility located at Gracefield, Lower Hutt, New Zealand primarily supplies the New Zealand and, at times, the Australian domestic markets.

In 2009, Dulux moved to increase water based paint production capability and eliminate production of solvent based paint at the Gracefield site rather than pursue an expensive greenfield development.

Aurecon was initially commissioned to provide planning services including developing cost estimates for the upgrade project and was subsequently engaged to complete all engineering design services for the redevelopment of the whole site. This included geotechnical, building structures, building services, fire safety, process mechanical, process electrical and automation.

The project was completed in six stages.

  • Stage 1 of the project involved relocating ten latex and ingredients tanks from the southern end of the existing water based paint building to a new tank farm on the eastern side of the site. New transfer pumps and piping and a new 30m pipe bridge were installed to link the new tank farm to the Water Based Paint (WBP) building. The relocation of the tank farm enabled a new site exit road to be constructed along the south boundary of site, creating a one-way traffic flow for heavy traffic and latex tankers.

  • Stage 2 of the project involved constructing a new WBP building, the installation of new paint manufacturing and packaging equipment and the re-configuration of the robotic palletising plant. During the risk analysis process Aurecon worked with Dulux to transform the plant design from being three individual buildings into a large single building constructed literally over the existing and operating factory. This not only allowed more efficient use of the existing process equipment but meant that the three different facets of production, namely raw material storage, paint production and labelling and packaging were all under one roof eliminating influences of weather and maximising staff comfort.

  • Stage 3 involved the construction of a new distribution warehouse building to provide centralised racking and storage of both imported solvent based paints and the water based paints manufactured on site. The warehouse has a footprint of 70m x 54m and a 46 x 16m covered load-out canopy. An internal warehouse office and areas for electric forklift charging and product stretch wrapping were also provided.

  • Stages 4-6 included converting the redundant labelling building into the site workshop, demolishing three brick buildings used for the manufacture of solvent based paints, upgrading the wastewater treatment plant and establishing staff car parking and landscaping.

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