Uganda Education Management Information System Sustainability, Uganda

The management of education is a key focal point in the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES). A group of donor countries have been supporting this ministry for a number of years, and specific targets have been set for improving education in the country. 

The initial contract between the Ministry of Education and Sports and AED/Aurecon addressed developing capacity to take full responsibility for all tasks related to statistics and the development of the Education Management Information System (EMIS).

To address statistical requirements, AED/Aurecon have deployed an EMIS. Results generated by this system are being used in monitoring progress in improving education in the country.

Building on what the EMIS has put in place, Aurecon's objective was to address outstanding operational weaknesses and achieve up-to-date statistical information in the education sector. Aurecon provided technical support to the ministry in supporting the management of the EMIS, to ensure that undertakings on monitoring and evaluation for Education Strategic Investment Plan (ESIP) were met, and provided technical support and capacity building in statistics to MoES Head Office and districts.

This project enhanced the knowledge and use of information in managing education in Uganda by:

  • Supporting the development of understanding of the systems provided, particularly in the area of statistics to facilitate monitoring, evaluation and informed decision-making.
  • Promoting access to data and sharing it through the use of EMIS and other software on both stand-alone computers and on networks.
  • Training both at the MoES headquarters and District Education Offices (DEOs) across the country.

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