The Gauteng Schools Programme, South Africa

The Gauteng Schools Programme was launched in March 2011 to address significant backlogs in schools facilities in Gauteng.

Despite many attempts to find viable solutions for this basic service, the available funding allocations and the lack of provincial delivery capabilities hindered the Gauteng Department of Education’s (GDE) progress in eradicating these backlogs.

Running over five years, the programme aims to address the GDE’s immediate need for 91 new schools and the refurbishment of 273 existing schools.

Aurecon, in association with BTKM Quantity Surveyors, Indigo Kulani Architects and Risk Insight, was appointed to investigate the viability of the programme by completing business plans for each school. This included preliminary designs, elemental costings and the completion of an overarching integrated programme plan.

Part of this pressing and complex project entailed the delivery of business plans for 79 schools over a three month period. Aurecon’s dedicated, collaborative and pre-emptive mass production methodology ensured that the assignment was completed cost-effectively and within the tight timeframe.

Aurecon developed a unique model with a set of standard data which enabled a rapid assessment of the expected needs for new schools. Control methods were streamlined via mass information sharing such as the tight monitoring of process flow.

The business plans for the schools include concept designs, site layouts, full condition surveys and elemental cost estimates. In addition, a proposed implementation plan and project schedule for the establishment of every new school was developed.

The group’s innovation solutions now pave the way for the seamless implementation of the Gauteng Schools Programme which will enhance educational infrastructure on behalf of the citizens of Gauteng. 

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