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Nova Vida, Angola

The Nova Vida Housing Development is the largest building project ever undertaken in Luanda, Angola. Phase 1 provided housing for 30,000 people on a site area of approximately 440 ha.

Completed within a very short construction period, the Angolan government initiated the first phase of the project in the late ‘90s. Meaning ‘new life’ in Portuguese, Nova Vida is a model of engineering and construction excellence aimed at improving the life of impoverished citizens.

The project posed a number of challenges including the sourcing and transportation of suitable building materials, the operation of a multinational and multilingual workforce, as well as the challenge of providing on-site skills training and mentoring.

Aurecon was appointed to carry out work that ranged from conceptualisation and design, to the construction supervision and project management of this multi-faceted undertaking. We are also overseeing the operation and maintenance of the existing infrastructure to ensure the longevity of assets.

Nova Vida is a prime example of what can be achieved through teamwork, expertise and innovation, and an understanding of the needs of the client. The achievement of the Government of Angola’s vision sets a precedent for similar, future developments throughout the country and elsewhere in Africa.

Following the success of phase 1, Aurecon has also been appointed to work on phase 2 of the project.

The project received the Concrete Society of Southern Africa’s Fulton Award for ‘Excellence in the Use of Concrete’ in 2005.

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