Gauteng Department of Health Asset Management, South Africa

Aurecon was engaged by the Gauteng Department of Health to provide various asset management services, including full life-cycle assessments, to determine the repair and maintenance requirements for all health facilities in the Province. Gauteng is regarded as the health hub of southern Africa, with 118 state-owned facilities, ranging from primary health clinics to a national hospital.

Aurecon undertook risk management studies relating to occupational health and safety, and the remaining useful life of the various facilities and their components in order to develop a risk matrix to be used for the prioritisation and allocation of funding. The matrix takes into account the Strategic Transformation Plan of national health in order to determine priorities in terms of providing facilities that reflect the population’s demographic profile.

This project was acknowledged by Treasury as crucial to South Africa’s health sector when they took a decision to include it as part of their annual budget planning cycle.

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