Ferndale Sustainable Community, New Zealand

Ferndale Trust had a vision to create a unique lifestyle development for the Kapiti District encompassing best practice environmental design and sustainable land development. Aurecon created a master plan to develop a rural block of approximately 15 ha into 62 residential lots by working closely with our client and landscape architects, Isthmus.

The primary objective of this development was to provide an opportunity for people to live within an environmentally sustainable community between the residential and rural areas in Waikanae.
Aurecon’s multidisciplinary design team was challenged to:

  • Manage a sensitive community consultation process
  • Create low density, relatively large residential lots
  • Incorporate an efficient stormwater management system.

Aurecon was required to minimise any disturbance to the existing area and on neighbouring properties and to preserve the location, natural features and character of the site. To create an appealing sense of community over and above that of a standard subdivision, Aurecon incorporated best practice urban design principles and aimed to set new standards and expectations for sustainable subdivision design in New Zealand.

Aurecon provided all project management, planning, geotechnical advice and civil engineering services, including specialised stormwater management techniques.

Stormwater neutrality and retention were key features which required a sympathetic approach to the existing drainage system. Underpinned by excellence in engineering practice, Aurecon provided environmentally sustainable solutions for stormwater management.

Aurecon also led a successful community consultation process that delivered the approved Plan Change and Resource Consent in an efficient and timely manner which exceeded client expectations.

Using innovative and flexible design solutions for retaining landform shape, managing stormwater and enhancing the wetlands, Aurecon created an eco-friendly development that set new standards in sustainable design best practice.

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