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Hobart Airport Master Plan, Australia

Aurecon is lead consultant on the Hobart Airport Master Plan, which scopes out the strategic vision for the next 20 years of development and growth.

Markets: Transport, Aviation

Expertise: Geospatial systems, Environment & planning, Infrastructure advisory

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Perth Airport, Australia

Aurecon has been providing a comprehensive consulting engineering service for Perth Airport since they first embarked on their ambitious expansion process over ten years ago.

Markets: Aviation, Property, Transport

Expertise: Infrastructure advisory, Building design

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Brisbane Airport, Australia

Aurecon transforms the Brisbane Airport to be the best and preferred choice for passengers, airlines, business and community.

Markets: Aviation, Transport

Expertise: Building design, Communication & stakeholder engagement, Creative technology & visualisation, Digital engineering & advisory

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Cairns Airport, Australia

Aurecon has been working collaboratively with Cairns Airport for over 25 years, contributing to a safe , profitable and passenger friendly airport.

Markets: Transport, Aviation

Expertise: Building design, Infrastructure advisory

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EAC Transport Strategy and Regional Road Sector Development Programme, Tanzania

Aurecon assisted in the development of the EAC Transport Strategy and the Regional Road Sector Development programme, a key planning document for guiding regional policies and investments by member states - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Markets: Aviation, Transport, Transport, Government

Expertise: Aviation, Industrial machines & ports, Rail & mass transit, Advisory Services, Roads & transport networks

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