The University of Queensland St Lucia Campus Photovoltaic (PV) Array, Australia

Engineering a sustainable future for the University of Queensland

After conducting a feasibility study in 2008 for the one megawatt peak PV system, Aurecon was engaged to provide engineering services to deliver the 1.22 megawatt PV array project.

Work included electrical and structural enabling works design, preparation of a performance specification, tender assessment and support during construction and commissioning.

Aurecon identified suitable rooftops at the University, compared PV technologies and mounting options, examined the capacity of the existing university electrical distribution system and undertook detailed economic and data analysis. In addition, Aurecon provided expertise to ascertain and verify data and key technical issues.

Subsequent works included the preparation of a performance specification for implementing the 1.22 megawatt array, assisting in the tendering process and supporting the University during the array’s construction and commissioning.

Aurecon also completed the detailed design and construction supervision of the project’s enabling works, including structural and electrical upgrades of existing buildings to accommodate the proposed PV arrays.

The solar array was installed at the St Lucia campus in 2011.

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