Pelican Point Facility, Australia

Aurecon has completed detailed design of Caltex’s biggest fuel terminal in South Australia. Owned and operated by Terminals Pty Ltd, the 85 million litre Pelican Point facility represents a 50 per cent increase in South Australia’s storage.

The Pelican Point Oil Terminal increases the security of fuel supply to South Australia because deeper berthing facilities accommodate larger ships, avoiding the shallow draft of the Port River where existing terminals were based.

Aurecon provided full detailed design services including geotechnical, civil, mechanical, fire protection and electrical engineering. For this project we used a specification system developed over 16 years specifically for fuel terminal projects. This system provides clear documentation that minimises project variations and reduces contractor risks, allowing them to provide lower tender prices.

The terminal provides motorspirits and diesel, plus storage and blending of biodiesel and ethanol. The terminal includes eight bulk tanks, twin 14 inch docklines, a three bay road tankwagon gantry and a rail gantry. The two docklines will deliver fuel to the terminal at a rate of 2.6 million litres per hour.

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