Joint Project 2048: Amphibious Warfare Competencies Project, Australia

With the Navy introducing new amphibious assault ships, existing amphibious tactics, techniques, procedures and training needed to be upgraded. Aurecon was engaged to conduct a full Training Needs Analysis of the amphibious warfare competencies. Based on our findings Aurecon went on to design, develop and pilot, in accordance with the Defence Training Model (DTM), all courseware packages, including an e-learning package and lesson and assessment guides.

Aurecon provided a team of Defence training, communications, ship mission systems, aviation operations and amphibious training specialists to work with the client. Our team’s indepth understanding of the Defence Training Manual meant Aurecon was able to apply it flexibly and adapt it to meet complex Defence and stakeholder requirements.

Aurecon worked collaboratively throughout the project’s duration with Defence and key stakeholders to produce high quality training products and packages on time and under budget.


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