Enhanced Land Force Stage 2B Facilities, Australia

Aurecon’s services untangled the complexities inherent in this elaborate expansion project for the Australian Department of Defence.

In 2006, the Australian government announced the expansion of the Australian Army under the Enhanced Land Force initiative, which included the creation of two new infantry groups. This catalysed the need to increase the capacity of the existing facilities at the Gallipoli Barracks in Brisbane for one of those groups.

To support this initiative, Aurecon provided project management and contract administration services to deliver:

  • new facilities for 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
  • new facilities for 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment
  • new facilities for 7th Combat Signal Regiment
  • new and modified facilities for 7th Combat Service Support Battalion
  • new physical training facilities
  • new facilities for barracks training functions
  • upgraded engineering services

While seemingly straightforward on paper, the project was rife with complexities derived from diverse facilities requirements, coordination with other ongoing projects at the location, ambitious project delivery time frames and management transitions.

Aurecon employed a variety of innovative project management solutions that facilitated the successful delivery of the project:

  • A time management system that enabled the delivery of critical elements of the capability’s programming through the identification of key facilities and infrastructure as well as logical sequencing and staging of the works.
  • A cost management system which allocated, controlled, and monitored commitment and expenditure while providing confidence on the financial status and viability of the project throughout delivery.
  • A Human Resource management system that recognised the transitioning of project staff without loss of knowledge or momentum for the project.
  • A risk management system which identified treatments and allocated actions when risks became evident.

Over time, Aurecon’s collaboration, innovation and expertise in the Defence sector brought the ambitious project to life. In 2014, the project was concluded and has since been able to house not only the new infantry group and supporting elements, but also their vehicle and equipment compounds, warehousing needs, and workshop needs, along with their training, community and recreational facilities. 

As a testament to the exemplary delivery of the project, the project won the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) - QLD Award in the Defence/Aerospace category in 2017.

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