Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Strategic Reform Program - Electronic Instrument and Radio (EIR) Study, Australia

Aurecon to assist in reform

The Electronic Systems Division (ESD) is responsible for acquiring and sustaining the Defence Materiel Organisation's  (DMO) wide range of electronic systems. Aurecon is assisting the Division to reform their support to the Electronic Instrument and Radio (EIR) Systems as part of a wider strategic reform programme.

Aurecon’s role was to identify current inputs, processes and cost drivers of the entire continuum of acquisition through to sustainment in order to recommend improvements that will deliver long-term, sustainable cost savings without reducing end-user system availability.

Aurecon also determined the future storage, maintenance and distribution facility requirements and assisted the DMO with the process of transition from existing equipment systems and contracting models to those models forecast in the Defence Capability Plan.

  • Phase 1 involved a detailed review of existing agreements, contracts, organisational structures and industry capabilities, as well as extensive stakeholder consultation to determine the current network shape and performance characteristics. This was followed by a future liabilities study which compared the emerging system support requirements to the existing support network, identifying opportunities for deep reform and priority areas for change.
  • Phase 2 will include the development of a future support model and a transition plan. This requires an analysis of the actual performance of the support network model, the impact of changes to the network, and the introduction of new business practices. This will provide the opportunity to continually optimise the network by fleet and negotiate support levels and costs with the services.

Throughout the study, Aurecon assisted the DMO to navigate and engage senior officer working groups, steering groups, governance boards and affiliated projects. Aurecon’s involvement in this project is ongoing, including the provision of coaching and mentoring support to DMO staff and assistance to the ESD Senior Leadership Group. The move through the transition plan will result in a transparent, effective and efficient EIR support network.

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