Defence Health Pharmaceuticals Prime Vendor, Australia

Aurecon provides specialist technical advice

The Health Pharmaceuticals Prime Vendor programme was established to consolidate the supply, warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals to the Australian Defence Force with the aim of improving demand satisfaction rates and reducing procurement and inventory management overheads. As Project Consultant, Aurecon’s role was to provide specialist technical advice and procurement and contract management services.

Our team provided a holistic view of the supply chain, identifying opportunities to maximise the use of electronic ordering, tracking and payment, while significantly reducing procurement and inventory management overheads.

Upon implementation, Aurecon’s recommendations delivered an electronic procurement and inventory management system that provided batch management and entire supply chain visibility, over AUD 1.1 million savings in the first three months of operation, reduced order lead time from an average 11 days to a maximum 48 hours and improved the demand satisfaction rate from less than 62 per cent to more than 98 per cent.

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