Nelson Mandela Bay Transport Operations Centre, South Africa

Aurecon expertise helps deliver a world-class solution for a world-class event

The FIFA World Cup was hailed as one the largest events on the international sporting calendar. In preparation for, and during, the 2010 event, Aurecon was tasked with the design, implementation, training, staffing, operation and maintenance of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (NMBMM) Transport Operations Centre (TOC).

This TOC is a comprehensive solution which enabled the NMBMM host city to quickly and effectively resolve public service requests during the event.

“It is important to bear in mind that with events of this magnitude, the possibility of an emergency situation or disaster occurring becomes a real and apparent risk that has to be dealt with in a timely and effective manner,” explains Aurecon Project Manager, Jacques Joubert.

He goes on to say that not only was the TOC equipped to ensure the smooth running of all transport related activities during the World Cup, but more importantly, to deal with emergencies or disasters, should they occur. 

The solution included a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week call centre, CCTV feeds and kiosks, enabling the NMBMM municipality to:

  • Monitor public transport operations (collect data);
  • Disseminate transportation information (process data);
  • Provide transportation operations information to stakeholders and the public;
  • Maintain a register of Notifications/Complaints, Intakes/logs, and Activations, a “What was done register”;
  • Assist with managing the transport environment in proximity to transport facilities; and
  • To provide a primary source of information relating to public transport services leading up to and throughout this period.

Aurecon successfully took the complete solution from concept to procurement and implementation within a tight four month timeframe, culminating in the opening of the centre one week prior to the World Cup.

This success led to two project extensions:

  • the Host City Call Centre and
  • Host City Joint Operations Centre (JOC)

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