Eden District Municipality Disaster Management Centre, South Africa

Aurecon assists with disaster relief management

Aurecon assisted the Eden District Municipality to equip the Emergency and Disaster Management Centre in George with hardware and software for incident management in the fire, municipal, emergency and disaster management services space.

The project included installation of a customised information system and a disaster management workstation, equipped with Aurecon's GEM(C3) emergency readiness system. This system is an integrated software solution designed to assist a government organisation in identifying potential disasters or mitigating the impact and severity of actual disasters.

Aurecon’s system provided a comprehensive approach towards disaster management, from risk reduction strategies and early warning systems, to disaster response and recovery.

Aurecon supported the implementation of processes, staff training, and a series of workshops to develop a Generic Disaster Response and Relief Plan for the region. Aurecon also provided maintenance support to enable the system to become a ‘life asset’, continuing to deliver value well into the future.

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