Hay Point Coal Terminal Expansion

Industrial machines & ports projects

Projects by expertise - Industrial machines & ports

JTC Offshore Marine Centre 2, Singapore

Aurecon to design shared state-of-the-art marine facilities in Singapore to support offshore module and equipment fabrication activities.

Markets: Manufacturing

Expertise: Bridges & civil structures, Building design, Industrial machines & ports

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Solid Products Jetty, Malaysia

Aurecon spearheaded the design and engineering services for Pengerang Integrated Complex's 80 sq.km. Solid Products Jetty in Malaysia.

Markets: Resources

Expertise: Building design, Infrastructure advisory, Advisory Services, Infrastructure advisory, Industrial machines & ports, Building design, Digital engineering & advisory, Power generation

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Dawei Sea Port, Myanmar

Aurecon was involved in the planning of this greenfield port project which involved the development of a port facilities market to facilitate growth and development.

Markets: Resources , Transport

Expertise: Industrial machines & ports, Bulk transport, Environment & planning

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Hay Point Coal Terminal, Australia

Aurecon’s innovative design helped develop Hay Point Coal Terminal to become the world’s most efficient coal export centre.

Markets: Resources

Expertise: Bulk transport, Industrial machines & ports, Digital engineering & advisory, Environment & planning

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Paradip Port, Western Dock, India

To cater for predicted traffic growth through the port, the Paradip Port Trust (PPT) has initiated an investigation into the feasibility of an additional dock.

Markets: Resources

Expertise: Industrial machines & ports, Environment & planning, Bulk transport, Ground & underground engineering

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Jurong Port, Singapore

Aurecon designs Jurong Port expansion to increase the capacity of this international port.

Markets: Resources , Transport

Expertise: Industrial machines & ports, Bulk transport

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Wiggins Island Coal Terminal, Australia

Aurecon designed a groundbreaking facility that allowed for the continued growth and prosperity of mines in the Gladstone area by providing greater export capacity.

Markets: Resources

Expertise: Bulk transport, Environment & planning, Industrial machines & ports

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Tema Port Buildings, Ghana

Aurecon was appointed by MPS to design and construct three Tema Port buildings which increased Ghana’s container throughput capacity.

Markets: Transport

Expertise: Industrial machines & ports, Bulk transport, Building design, Digital engineering & advisory

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Brisbane Ferry Terminals, Australia

Design innovation by Aurecon and Cox Architecture delivered a new generation of flood resilient, accessible ferry terminals.

Markets: Property, Transport

Expertise: Digital engineering & advisory, Environment & planning, Risk and resilience advisory, Industrial machines & ports, Sustainability & climate change

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EAC Transport Strategy and Regional Road Sector Development Programme, Tanzania

Aurecon assisted in the development of the EAC Transport Strategy and the Regional Road Sector Development programme, a key planning document for guiding regional policies and investments by member states - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Markets: Aviation, Transport, Transport, Government

Expertise: Aviation, Industrial machines & ports, Rail & mass transit, Advisory Services, Roads & transport networks

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