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Projects by expertise - Geospatial systems

Castle Hill Wind Farm, New Zealand

This project will see Aurecon assisting Genesis Energy to deliver strategically located and cost effective wind farms using sophisticated modelling technology.

Markets: Energy, Renewable energy

Expertise: Environment & planning, Power generation, Power generation, Advisory Services, Ground & underground engineering, Geospatial systems

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Eastern Porirua Regeneration Project, New Zealand

Aurecon develops infrastructure masterplan to support Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, Porirua City Council (PCC) and Ngāti Toa Rangātira’s Eastern Porirua Regeneration Project.

Markets: Government, Property, Transport, Water

Expertise: Communication & stakeholder engagement, Environment & planning, Geospatial systems, Infrastructure advisory, Program advisory, Water resources management

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Deans Head Remediation, Christchurch, New Zealand

Aurecon delivers unique, cutting-edge smart solution for the remediation of Deans Head, an earthquake-damaged cliff in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Markets: Government

Expertise: Digital engineering & advisory, Infrastructure advisory, Roads & transport networks, Ground & underground engineering, Geospatial systems

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Auckland City Rail Link, New Zealand

Aurecon helped design the future of Auckland's Transport to ease congestion in New Zealand's largest city.

Markets: Transport

Expertise: Rail & mass transit, Ground & underground engineering, Geospatial systems, Infrastructure advisory, Tunnels, Roads & transport networks

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Hobart Airport Master Plan, Australia

Aurecon is lead consultant on the Hobart Airport Master Plan, which scopes out the strategic vision for the next 20 years of development and growth.

Markets: Transport, Aviation

Expertise: Geospatial systems, Environment & planning, Infrastructure advisory

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Johnsonville Tunnel clearance assessment, New Zealand

The new Matangi passenger trains for the Wellington network meant there was a need to upgrade the Johnsonville Railway. Aurecon was to model the dynamic performance of the proposed Matangi trains through the tight and winding route to achieve the minimal tunnel upgrade works.

Markets: Construction, Transport

Expertise: Rail & mass transit, Transport, Tunnels, Geospatial systems

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Melbourne Metro Concept Design, Australia

Aurecon, in a joint venture, was appointed to the role of Technical Advisor for the development of concept designs for Melbourne Metro.

Markets: Transport

Expertise: Rail & mass transit, Integrated transport & mobility, Tunnels, Geospatial systems, Ground & underground engineering

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City of Cape Town: Road Surface Area Calculation, South Africa

Aurecon was appointed to help the City of Cape Town with maintenance of their road networks’ budgeting and planning by surveying the road widths for all metropolitan roads. New advancements in technology provided the ability to digitally capture and determine these measurements and provided an opportunity for Aurecon to develop a new approach.

Markets: Transport

Expertise: Digital engineering & advisory, Roads & transport networks, Geospatial systems

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Adelaide Desalination Plant, Australia

Aurecon was engaged to undertake technical studies and investigations for the Adelaide Desalination Project.

Markets: Construction, Government, Water

Expertise: Program advisory, Environment & planning, Geospatial systems, Water & wastewater treatment, Water resources management

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Botswana National Master Plan for Wastewater and Sanitation, Botswana

The Botswana National Master Plan for Wastewater and Sanitation was commissioned to provide the necessary planning and direction to the country’s water supply. Aurecon formed part of the joint venture and provided all technical inputs to the project, including the assessment of existing works, future planning and the compilation of the Planning and Design Manual.

Markets: Water, Government

Expertise: Water & wastewater treatment, Environment & planning, Advisory Services, Geospatial systems

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