Aurecon’s dam expertise is geared to help provide water security to communities around the world for domestic, industry and irrigation use.

Dams projects

Projects by expertise - Dams

SA Water Capital Delivery Program, Australia

Aurecon and KBR provide program and project management, procurement support, engineering and construction management services to South Australia Water.

Markets: Construction, Government, Water

Expertise: Bulk water, Dams, Program advisory, Water & wastewater treatment

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WaterNSW Portfolio Delivery Management Partner, Australia

Aurecon and KBR partner with WaterNSW to boost water security in regional Australia through planning and delivery of a large-scale water infrastructure portfolio.

Markets: Water

Expertise: Asset management & performance, Communication & stakeholder engagement, Dams, Infrastructure advisory, Program advisory, Water resources management

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Stortemelk Hydropower Project, South Africa

The Stortemelk hydropower project is the implementation of one of the three projects included in the Botterkloof and Merino II feasibility study by Aurecon for Stortemelk Hydro (Pty) Ltd, with NuPlanet as the project developers.

Markets: Energy, Water, Renewable energy

Expertise: Power generation, Dams, Program advisory

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Mokolo Crocodile Water Augmentation Project (MCWAP), South Africa

The Mokolo and Crocodile Water Augmentation Project (MCWAP) entails the phased construction of two main bulk raw water transfer systems, as well as associated infrastructure to meet the new power station, mines, and domestic demands.

Markets: Water, Energy, Government, Construction

Expertise: Dams, Program advisory, Water resources management , Advisory Services, Bulk water

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Calueque Dam, Angola

Calueque Dam is located on the Cunene River in southern Angola. The dam supplies water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use to southern Angola and northern Namibia.

Markets: Water, Government

Expertise: Dams

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Bethlehem Hydro Project, South Africa

Aurecon was appointed to undertake the detailed design and project management duties for two mini hydro stations as part of the Bethlehem Hydro Project.

Markets: Water, Energy, Renewable energy

Expertise: Environment & planning, Program advisory, Power generation, Power generation, Dams

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Kashimbila Dam and Hydropower Project, Nigeria

Aurecon appointed to carry out a technical feasibility study and detailed design of the spillway at the Kashimbila Dam and Hydropower Project in Nigeria.

Markets: Energy, Renewable energy, Water

Expertise: Program advisory, Dams, Ground & underground engineering, Power generation

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Maguga Dam on the Komati River, Swaziland

The Lomati and Komati Rivers in the eastern lowveld of the southern African region fall under the Komati Basin Water Authority, a bi-national agency created by South Africa and Swaziland to regulate the supply of water to the adjacent communities and extensive agricultural lands of both countries. Maguga Dam is the largest component in the system, located in a mountainous area 12 km south of Piggs Peak on the Komati River.

Markets: Water, Energy, Renewable energy

Expertise: Environment & planning, Program advisory, Dams, Power generation, Water resources management

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Wadi Wishka Dam,

The Wadi Wishka Dam project, some 650km southeast of Tripoli, was successfully completed after just over two years of construction in the Libyan Desert.

Markets: Water, Construction, Government

Expertise: Dams, Ground & underground engineering

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Vlakfontein Canal Upgrade, South Africa

The Vlakfontein canal transports raw water being pumped from Grootdraai Dam at Standerton, Mpumalanga over a 37 km long distance to the Grootfontein Pump Station.

Markets: Water, Government, Construction

Expertise: Program advisory, Dams, Water resources management , Advisory Services, Bulk water

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Berg Water Project, South Africa

The Berg water project was undertaken to augment the water supply of the Western Cape region of South Africa. Aurecon provided extensive management, technical and environmental input to this project.

Markets: Water, Government

Expertise: Water & wastewater treatment, Environment & planning, Program advisory, Dams, Bulk water

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Leopard Creek Golf Estate, South Africa

The development of Leopard Creek Golf Estate in Malelane, South Africa, involved a full spectrum of civil, electrical, electronic and structural engineering design, including geotechnical investigations.

Markets: Property

Expertise: Building design, Ground & underground engineering, Bridges & civil structures, Water & wastewater treatment, Dams, Roads & transport networks, Sports & entertainment

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Burrinjuck Hydro Project, Australia

The Burrinjuck Hydro Project involved the construction of an additional 15MW hydro-electric power station and the refurbishment of an existing 10.8MW hydro power station at Burrinjuck Dam.

Markets: Energy, Renewable energy, Water, Construction

Expertise: Power generation, Environment & planning, Dams, Power generation, Program advisory

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Tillegra Dam, Australia

Tillegra Dam was proposed to provide water security for the half a million residents of the Lower Hunter Valley and provide at least 50 years of growth potential for the region.

Markets: Water, Government

Expertise: Water resources management , Dams, Environment & planning

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