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Environmental management


Waste management services incorporating a total system planning approach

Within rapidly growing economies, the demand for resources and the matter of handling growing volumes of waste streams have started taking its toll on a constrained and already contaminated environment.

Aurecon’s value proposition constitutes a range of waste management services provided on a global scale with access to an extensive knowledge pool and expansive support base to ensure our delivery is unsurpassed.

Through continuous assessment of global trends and by adopting an innovative approach to planning and implementation, Aurecon ensures that our clients receive the best possible input, the result of:

  • An extensive internal talent pool which provides multidisciplinary support
  • An extensive presence in emerging and developed markets
  • Excellent knowledge of waste management in order to fulfil specific project requirements
  • Adhering and complying with legal requirements and legislation

Aurecon offers its Waste Management services to many stakeholders in the government (including provincial and local governments), mining and industrial sectors, as well as the manufacturing, petrochemical and agro-processing industries.

A diagram showing the total system planning approachTotal system planning

Aurecon understands the full spectrum of waste management issues and solutions and provides management and technical resources to assist in developing and implementing integrated system plans and infrastructure. Our skills in strategic waste management are derived from our thorough understanding of waste management organisations from a practitioner’s perspective.

Aurecon’s Waste Management team incorporates total system planning in its approach, which considers the total waste system and develops the most appropriate mix of infrastructure and services to manage the waste stream. (See Figure 1.)

At Aurecon, we understand the lifecycle costs of your waste management system. Waste management projects typically involve long operational life spans therefore the majority of costs are operational. We can help you identify and understand these costs and assist you in making informed decisions and avoiding unnecessary costs.


The waste management market brings together the disciplines of environmental, water and wastewater engineering.

Aurecon offers the following key services:

  • Engineering design
  • Integrated and strategic waste management planning
  • Specialists studies in air, water and soils
  • Energy recovery from waste streams and carbon credits
  • Technical declassification of hazardous waste streams
  • Landfill operating methodology
  • Landfill auditing
  • Financial modeling for landfill provisions
  • Waste disposal solutions and alternatives
  • Recycling, reprocessing and reuse of waste
  • Transport planning (collection, transfer stations and RRR centres)
  • Policy formulation
  • Environmental studies
  • Waste information system mapping (GIS)

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