Future Freight Survey

2035: How we move people and goods

2035: How we move people and goods

A better understanding of freight’s future in building our communities and improving liveability

Our cities are growing at unprecedented rates. The cost of living is increasing. Traffic congestion is causing mayhem and liveability seems to be declining.

As Australia’s rapid population growth races to reach 40 million people, the discussion of how people and goods are moved around our country and the impact this has on communities is paramount. 

Energy, social infrastructure, economic growth and efficient transport solutions will be pivotal in ensuring that Australia not only survives unprecedented growth over the coming decades, but that, importantly, we thrive and prosper through them.

Freight is a critical component of this. The efficient and affordable movement of goods ensures the connectivity of people and places. But the movement of freight needs to consider much more than just price and speed.

  • How does it impact urban amenities and the environment?
  • What are the safety implications?
  • What is the community willing to trade to have freight at their fingertips?
  • How can it impact the cost of living or make regional hubs more attractive and affordable lifestyle options?
  • And can freight planning be used as a competitive advantage in creating new communities? 

Stay tuned for insights

The 2035 survey is now closed. We are analysing the results to share insights on what people want. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, explore more of our thinking below.

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