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Built Environment

Built environment

Meet two of Aurecon's leading structural engineers

Kourosh Kayvani and Mark Sheldon

Interviews in Steel Australia

Dr. Kourosh Kayvani - Aurecon’s Global Innovations Leader and one of Australia’s leading structural engineers, shares his views in the December 2010 issue of Steel Australia on how technology’s role is helping to drive collaboration through the supply chain; the impact of sustainability on the use of steel, and his insights on the latest developments in the use of steel.

Mark Sheldon - is a Principal Structural Engineer at Aurecon. In the June 2010 issue, Mark discussed with Steel Australia the changes to the Australian steel industry; the challenge of skilling the engineers of tomorrow, and what made some of the iconic projects he’s worked on a success. Mark is an active member of the Australian steel industry and has served in the Victorian and National Technology and Construction Committees of the ASI.

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