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Aurecon Manufacturing Advances Newsletter, March 2016

Many people think technology is the panacea to solving problems – but you must get your processes right first

Clive Ross discusses the importance of strategic asset management and why processes must be aligned to extract value and create efficiency before selecting the right technology.


Aurecon Manufacturing Newsletter December 2015

Opportunities exist for manufacturers who successfully tackle water scarcity challenges and the population trends in their operating environment

Corne du Toit is Aurecon’s client relationship executive for the beer and beverage industry in Africa. Here he discusses the size of the opportunity and how manufacturers can overcome the challenges inherent in operating in emerging nations.


Aurecon Manufacturing Newsletter November 2015

How can local market knowledge get you better electricity pricing?

John Szmalko, Expertise Leader, Electricity Transmission and Distribution, shares his thoughts on how understanding the nature of local electricity supplier business models and drivers can provide manufacturers with opportunities to get better pricing for their electricity.


Aurecon Manufacturing Advances Newsletter

Why don’t manufacturers use modularisation and prefabrication to gain competitive advantage?

Tim Plenderleith, Global Market Director – Manufacturing, ponders this question and shares his insights on how manufacturers might use modularisation to extract greater efficiencies.


Aurecon Manufacturing Advances Newsletter Edition 8

Three steps to manage risk as manufacturing transforms

Simon van Wyk, risk management at Aurecon, shares his insights on how manufacturers may tackle the daunting challenge of managing risk in a rapidly changing market.


Manufacturing Advances Edition 6 screenshot

Strategic planning extracts more value

Clive Ross, Aurecon’s Global Head of Asset Management, says product price point is vital for manufacturers working in a competitive global market. And yet, the intelligent optimisation of assets, which can have a major impact on reducing production costs, is an area often overlooked.


Aurecon Manufacturing Advances Newsletter Edition 6

Manufacturing innovation through design led thinking

Sam Bucolo, Professor Design and Innovation at the University of Technology, Sydney, talks about how design led innovation can help manufacturing companies design competitive advantage into their business model by having a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs.


Aurecon newsletter - Manufacturing Advances Edition 5 screenshot

It’s all about the yield

Paul Stephenson, Expertise Leader, Manufacturing at Aurecon, discusses how new technology developed by Aurecon is boosting product yield by 25 per cent.



Aurecon newsletter - Manufacturing Advances Edition 4 screenshot

A global world wants perfect production 

Peter Carney, global leader of supply chain advisory and analytics at Aurecon, shares his views on how technology is driving change across every aspect of the supply chain.



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Insights from Professor Roy Green

This edition of Manufacturing Advances features two videos with expert Professor Roy Green, Dean of UTS Business School and Chair of the Australian Government's Innovative Regions Centre.


Collaborating to compete

Peter Carney, global leader of supply chain advisory and analytics at Aurecon, shares his views on how collaboration along the supply chain can be a smarter way to compete than the zero sum game approach.


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Creating the future of manufacturing

Aurecon is excited to announce the launch of Manufacturing Advances, our new newsletter for the global manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Advances will offer unique insights and opinion around creating the future of manufacturing, designed to help manufacturers succeed and thrive.


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