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Intelligent Incident and Emergency Management using the Global Emergency Management Command and Control Centre (GEMC³)


Whether natural or man-made, disasters require a coordinated effort by government and non-government agencies to provide relief from the impact of these events.

Disaster management is influenced by organisational, political, geographical, professional, topical, sectoral and sociological factors. As such, it is multi-disciplinary function with spatial and time–sensitive information components.

Recently, information technology and information systems have begun to play an increasingly important role in the field of disaster management. 

In 1994, Aurecon recognised the need for a system that would provide an integrated and coordinated response to disaster situations. This led to the development of an off-the-shelf product called the Aurecon General Emergency Management Command and Control Centre (GEMC3) Emergency Readiness System.

A GIS-based, multi-agency, computer-aided dispatching system, GEMC3 assists role players in the disaster management field to conduct effective and efficient planning for and response to emergencies. In addition, it also assists role players with reporting requirements. 

Since its inception, Aurecon has sold the system to a wide variety of emergency service and disaster management role players globally. 

The GEMC3 system includes the following capabilities, amongst others:

  • Disaster Communication, Command and Control Systems
  • Disaster Reporting
  • Disaster Planning

A lack of critical and timely information in a disaster situation can prove catastrophic. GEMC3 provides Aurecon’s clients with a huge advantage in terms of integrated planning for cost-effective disaster management which saves both time, and ultimately, lives.

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