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Aurecon has decades of experience in airport engineering consultation and the aviation sector - from the kerb at the taxi drop-off, to the end of the runway, Aurecon contributes to the complete solution.

Despite the vagaries of the global economy, air travel continues to grow. The aviation industry is also highly competitive and rapidly changing, affected by constantly evolving passenger behaviour, technological developments, environmental challenges and of course fuel prices.

Airports are not immune to this pressure as they have to compete for traffic, by offering excellent facilities at reasonable landing charges, while providing a good return on investment. This is true if the facility is procured by private interest or government.

Great design has the potential to significantly alter the profit equation for an airport, so should be a key consideration from the earliest planning stages. Aurecon has a unique ability to integrate airfield and terminal design in a way that minimises capital spend, but helps maximise revenue.

It is also the case that airport projects are complex, with multiple stakeholders and interfaces, often delivered with a requirement to maintain scheduled operations. Aurecon can assist with planning, financial modelling and procurement methodology, to deliver on time, to budget, with minimum disruption.


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