Roads & transport networks

Roads & highways

Roads & highways

Road infrastructure is vital in assisting the world’s economic development by moving people and goods.

It has a profound impact on a region’s economic and environmental sustainability, health, lifestyle and public safety.

Roads remain the dominant means of transport in most countries and its investment forms a major part of any government’s capital expenditure. They can cater for many different modes of transport and, when correctly designed, provide a hierarchical network optimised to suit the travel characteristics for any length of journey.

Aurecon is a leader in the planning, design, delivery and maintenance of road infrastructure.

We have over 200 staff specialising in the core aspects of highway engineering, with many others working in closely related services.

The company’s specialised, multidisciplinary know-how in the roads and highways arena extends to all types of road infrastructure - from rural access roads to complex freeways, toll roads and system interchanges.

With our extensive resources and teams of in-house specialists, we can design and manage projects from the planning and concept design stages to detailed construction design and project delivery. Aurecon has developed, tried and tested design and construction methods that are compatible with the unique requirements of road engineering. Our extensive list of successful road infrastructure projects demonstrates both our ability to deliver effectively and the trust our clients place in us as a valued advisor and business partner.

Our clients include private companies, consortia, government authorities, contractors, and financiers working through a variety of relationship models from direct engagement and alliances to design and construct and construction management.

As transport evolves, new challenges arise that require non-traditional approaches and innovative solutions. Through our involvement in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) initiatives and hands-on experience in international ITS projects, Aurecon is well positioned to assist clients in the planning and development of the fully managed road systems of the future.

Aurecon has received numerous awards for our projects, including the design and implementation of major roads construction projects, documentation, management and maintenance.

Some of the more prominent awards include:


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