Environmental management

Environment & planning

Environment & planning

Aurecon understands that the environmental impact of projects is a crucial consideration for our clients and for the communities in which we operate.

We have developed significant environmental expertise across the design, delivery and operational phases of all our projects.

Equally, community planning creates opportunities for the future, requiring a diverse range of skills and expertise to deliver successful project outcomes. These include planning and advisory services, project management, engineering, urban and landscape design and community consultation.

We recognise the need to balance economic growth with social development and protection of the environment. We apply sustainability principles as a fundamental part of our environmental and community planning offering across property, transport, urban development and master planning, and the water, resources and energy markets.

Our people are focused on successfully achieving objectives that benefit both our clients and the wider community. Our specialist advisors work with our clients and relevant stakeholders during all project phases, including strategic positioning, planning, design and construction. We also provide environmental impact assessment to define and manage potential environmental effects.

Our team provides stand alone services as well as being fully integrated into our engineering design offering. Our team includes specialists on the impact of climate change who are advising both public and private sector clients on planning and designing infrastructure which deals with likely climate change impacts from the outset.

We seek to add value to our client’s businesses through realising beneficial environmental and community-focussed outcomes which add value to our clients’ business operations

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to apply real world experience to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes.

Aurecon’s services include:

Our community planning and development services include:


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