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Viren Gajathar

Viren Gajathar

I always liked building things when I was younger – taking things apart and putting them back together. Or at least trying to.

Fortunately, I followed my passion and enrolled in a diploma programme in civil engineering. During my studies, I realised I had a calling, passion or aptitude for water engineering. The other subjects, I felt, were not as stimulating.

Water is a precious and scarce resource and one that needs to be managed properly. One of the things that was important to me before I joined Aurecon was being able to make a difference to society. With Aurecon, I’m able to do that on a much larger platform. Having started my career working on irrigation and reticulation projects, I now work on bulk water and pipeline projects that are very stimulating and have a big impact on industry and the communities in which we work. Aurecon’s continual growth has helped me build my career. New acquisitions to the company have brought with them opportunities for me to work not just on planning or small scale projects, but to get really involved in technical management on large ones too.

There’s a lot of collaboration within our unit and, with me being still relatively young in engineering, I have many people with a wealth of experience or specific expertise that I can turn to for advice. Not just in my office, but from any of our offices around the world.

I think I’m quite ambitious and at Aurecon, when it comes to my future, I feel like the sky is the limit.

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