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Hekai Kevin Wang

Hekai Kevin Wang, Aurecon

Civil Engineer

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Time at Aurecon: 4 years
Degree completed: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), University of Auckland
Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Sense maker

While completing my Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at the University of Auckland, I secured a summer internship at Aurecon working with the bridge team. It was here I experienced what engineering was actually about and just how much more enjoyable it was compared to university. Even though I applied and received offers from other firms during my fourth year, Aurecon's bridge team was simply too appealing to resist.

My experience with Aurecon

My job description says I am a structural engineer; and at the core, I am. In the early years of my career, however, it sounded to me like I would be sitting behind a screen, mindlessly pumping out calculations or staring at drawings all day long, every day. 

My actual experience was much different from my initial expectations. I got to work with many different teams across New Zealand and have assisted in the bidding, planning, and delivery phases of some impressive projects. Generally speaking, the roles I have experienced vary from project management, planning and controls, to inspections, design and reviews of different structures which include bridges, buildings, towers and other transport infrastructure.

My strongest Aurecon attribute is as a sense maker, because I love to connect the dots and discover meaningful insights. Being a sense maker, I’m fascinated with developing new skills that will make problem-solving easier, such as the ability to programme using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This has helped me tremendously in assisting colleagues to improve the quality and efficiency of their work, developing tools and processes which simplified and automated projects. Usually, this has a lot to do with Bringing Ideas to Life. I guess it helps having an interest and passion in programming -- being able to impress your colleagues and, more importantly, clients, is a definite bonus.

Work aside, I’ve been involved in a variety of our corporate sport teams at Aurecon, including basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, netball and touch rugby. I have co-ordinated Aurecon New Zealand's Movember Campaign for the past three years and am also on the committees for Sustainability, Aurecon Women and Cycling. This year, I have also had the privilege of chairing Limelight - Aurecon’s Emerging Professionals' Programme in Auckland.

My best advice to graduates

Find your own way to make engineering enjoyable. Personally, it is about the small things such as finishing a design model that works or completing a set of design calculations unscathed. I would also encourage you to build relationships with your colleagues, both in and outside of work. Working with my colleagues at Aurecon is what really motivates and inspires me, knowing that we are building a better world for everyone.

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