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Dulce Lazana

Dulce Lazana

Since I was a kid, I have always been concerned about the environment, especially about urban sustainability and resources management. I wanted to do something to control pollution and create a better environment for people to live in. So I studied sanitary engineering, a branch of environmental engineering. In Portugal, where I’m from, this was the closest profession I could find to my childhood dream.

In university, I took part in a voluntary project that brought me to Mozambique, where I worked for some consultancies, including Aurecon. I ended up happily joining the Aurecon team in a full time capacity.

Around this time, the market for environmental services was emerging in Angola, so I started to find out what was involved and saw that Environmental Impact Studies seemed to be in high demand. As a sanitary engineer, I felt I lacked the expertise and experience in this area, so I asked to be transferred to an office where I could acquire those skills. Aurecon supported me in every step of this and I am now based in the Cape Town office where I can pursue professional development opportunities.

I feel very enthusiastic about the future. I have a knowledgeable mentor and I’m working with a very experienced team. Knowing how things work in Angola, I’m also able to transfer my knowledge to them, so we all learn from each other.

Being in Cape Town also allows me to learn about and work in other facets of Aurecon’s environmental services. With the experience I am getting, I am finally going to fulfil my dream of working with multidisciplinary teams, helping to find solutions to implement sustainable projects that make communities more resilient and, at the same time, guarantee the preservation of nature.

I love it here in Cape Town. I am fully integrated in a good team and I feel I’m in my environment.  Who knows where my next adventure will?  With Aurecon, I can go anywhere! 

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