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Your development at Aurecon

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We do development differently at Aurecon

Finishing formal studies and entering the workforce is a huge milestone. But it isn’t the end of your learning journey – it’s just the beginning!

Your learning will continue throughout your career, allowing you to build on your strengths, tackle new challenges and take your career in new directions.

We just happen to do it a little differently at Aurecon.

Aurecon has moved away from the traditional, formal, structured graduate programme and invite you on a learning journey that you will get nowhere else! Aurecon has embarked on a design and innovation adventure, and we’re taking everyone along for the ride.

Aurecon’s differentiated offering

You will be exposed to unique, challenging development opportunities that build skills and knowledge for a ‘future ready’ Aurecon. You will be sharing your learning journey with people across our entire organisation at all levels, across many geographies. We believe that diversity makes for better learning. At Aurecon you will be supported in all areas of development, and encouraged throughout your career to ‘bring your ideas to life’.

Our differentiated offering will build your skills and knowledge around the following key Aurecon attributes: 

Technical mastery

Aurecon’s Emerging Professionals have access to development opportunities designed to help you become a recognised professional in your field and support you to realise your career aspirations. Aurecon offers a range of formal and informal technical learning initiatives, mentoring, and support in attaining your professional accreditation. You drive your own development by working with your manager to select the offerings and opportunities that best support your professional and personal goals. 

Professional accreditation

Professional accreditation can bring immense benefits to both the individual and the organisation – officially recognising your technical expertise and professional excellence, while also enhancing Aurecon’s brand. Our emerging professionals are supported every step of the way to professional accreditation, and have one professional membership paid for by Aurecon annually.

Developing future ready leaders

Aurecon recognises that businesses are differentiated by the strength of their leadership. We take leadership development seriously, and invest in growing our industry’s best leaders. As you progress through your career, you will have access to learning designed to build capability in all areas of management and leadership, accessing a suite of offerings specifically designed to address your unique learning needs.

Expanding your network

In addition to the unique development opportunities that you will have access to, there are a number of avenues to assist young professionals in developing both their technical and professional skills.

In our Mentoring for Success programme, experienced professionals and emerging professionals are partnered together, depending on what the mentor can offer and what the mentee is looking to gain. Through Mentoring for Success, we look to foster a culture that builds on behaviours that support and encourage knowledge sharing, exploring technical and professional challenges through alternative perspectives.

The 70:20:10 Model

We know that people learn in a variety of ways, so our professional development is in line with the 70:20:10 learning model. In this model 10% of learning is seen to come from structured courses and programmes, 20% from your peers, and 70% from experience in the workplace. This model recognises that learning occurs not just in a classroom, but also on the job, in our daily role through experience and interactions with others. Accordingly, we have designed our learning around formal, interactive, and informal learning experiences. The result is a comprehensive learning offering that is driven by you.

Beyond professional development

Let’s Talk – Performance for growth

Aurecon’s performance process Let’s Talk is a conversation based framework that enables you to align your contribution, professional development and career progress with Aurecon’s goals. It ensures transparency, consistency and equity in how we set and measure goals, and ultimately reward employees for their contribution. The simple, streamlined performance process is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations across the organisation that lead to strong performance outcomes. Let’s Talk drives career discussions which examine individual contribution, capability and career aspirations.

Education assistance

Aurecon recognises the importance and value of accessing best practice external development programmes and studies, to complement the differentiated, technical and professional learning offered in-house. We provide financial assistance and study leave for employees undertaking approved studies, supporting you in your ongoing professional development.


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