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Stephen Hogg

Stephen Hogg, Aurecon

Stephen Hogg is a Technical Director located in Aurecon’s Christchurch office.

Stephen’s experience spans 28 years, 22 of which have been as a Consulting Engineer in Wellington and following the 22 February 2011 earthquake, Stephen relocated to Christchurch to become involved in the city’s rebuild. This was an opportunity he felt he could not afford to miss.

In 1999 Stephen founded the Wellington consultancy Romulus Consulting Group before entering into a merger with Connell Wagner in Wellington in 2008. The company soon after re-branded as Aurecon where he is now a Technical Director located in Aurecon’s Christchurch office

Stephen’s interest and passion for the implementation of new earthquake resilient technologies and working in challenging engineering environments have been the key motivators for taking him to Christchurch.  He enjoys working with people and transferring engineering knowledge to help people better understand what is possible in earthquake resilient design, and has become a well-known expert in the benefits and versatility of leading edge, innovative earthquake resilient building design and its cost implications.

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