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Phil Hendricks

Phil Hendricks, Aurecon

Phil’s technical background is in pavements and his career has spanned consulting, academia and research.

Phil spent several years as the Sector Leader for Transport in South Africa and has taken on the Head of Transport Industry role in the One Aurecon business model. Prior to joining Aurecon, Phil worked at the CSIR where he served as the Executive Director of the Transport Division and subsequently Executive Director of Strategic Relationship Management and of the Research Centres.

Proudest moment in your career?

It is difficult to pinpoint a definitive moment; there have been a number of very special moments. At the end of the day I’m a firm believer in doing your best, putting everything into your career and reaping the many special rewards, no matter how small or large, along the way. Later in my career I’ve realised that leadership is about providing the environment for staff and colleagues to reach the pinnacle and proudest moment in their careers – unbeatable!

What drives you?

Being part of a truly global company and enjoying the many opportunities to work and engage with world-class professionals, the depth and breadth of which allows the industry to provide innovative solutions to our key clients.

The most important lesson you learnt early in your career.

Everybody plays a part in making a company truly remarkable and global. Harnessing the special talents of the collective truly makes the difference.

An essential key to innovative thinking? And why?

People tend to forget that innovation is defined not only by the great idea but by implementation of the idea. Many innovative ideas have led to products and solutions that have not yet earned a cent because people forget about that essential key which is implementation. Certainly get as many ideas as possible from a range of people but do not forget about how the product, solution will be implemented into the system.

Where do you see the Industry over the next five years?

An industry that has been defined by extensive growth not only in our current markets and  key clients but also in our Emerging Regions where we have several key Transport clients in SE Asia and South America.

One of the greatest challenges facing the industry is...

Continuing to drive the innovation curve and delivering innovative and differentiated offerings to our clients. 

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