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Ermis Marques

Ermis Marques, Aurecon

As Regional Director – Middle East, Ermis is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of Aurecon’s business in the Middle East as well as ensuring alignment to the company’s corporate direction.

Ermis has over 30 years of international experience in the built environment space, with particular emphasis on leading, planning and delivery of large-scale multi-disciplinary civil, building, industrial and land development projects.

As a well recognised as a leader in the built environment, especially in the African and Middle East development space, Ermis has shared his knowledge and experience over the years as a speaker at various global industry events.

What drives you?

The opportunity to solve new challenges in new ways is a great motivation for me. I gain immense satisfaction from seeing my team deliver great work for our clients across the globe.

What was the most important lesson you learnt early in your career?

I learnt very quickly that positivity is key to any and all projects undertaken. I am a firm believer in the fact that optimists see opportunity in every difficulty, and as a result, they are able to deliver better results.

Your most challenging project?

Every project has its own set of challenges. The key to solving these is customising solutions to suit the each project’s unique set of circumstances, including the political and social environment in which it will be carried out. Key to understanding these challenges is maintaining a close relationship with our clients at all times, and endeavouring to meet the very real needs of all project stakeholders in a way that makes commercial sense and produces lasting benefits for the community.

An essential key to innovative thinking? And why?

Innovation involves, quite simply, seeing things from a different perspective. This broadens your understanding of a problem and allows you to explore alternate solutions you may never have thought of before.

Enjoyment is...

Working with passionate staff and visionary clients!

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