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Cormac Farrell

Cormac Farrell, Aurecon

Cormac Farrell is a senior environmental scientist with the Canberra office of Aurecon, working in the management of native grasslands, woodlands, and forest ecosystems.

He has extensive experience in the mapping and management of vegetation communities with a particular focus on improving the sustainability of the interface with urban areas.  

Cormac also specialises in bushfire protection, particularly the detailed ecological assessment and design of Asset Protection Zones. He has delivered major bushfire protection projects for State and Federal Governments, and is certified in Bushfire Planning and Design through the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

This focus on urban sustainability has seen him pioneer Aurecon’s first office apiary. Our beehives have been producing honey for staff and clients since 2013. We have also branched out into scientific research into bee health and indigenous art projects related to our bees.

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